Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday: At the Lakes

Saturday we worked on another arbor, this one to display at the lakes. In the morning we finished assembling it and then we stained it with a semi-transparent stain. On this one, Zachary decided to put a little curve on the upper cross pieces.
After the paint was mostly dry, we brought up the arbor to the lake at my parents' house and relaxed the rest of the evening there. The Cloverleaf Lakes Association were putting on Fireworks that night. Some of our family were there as well to enjoy the beautiful evening.
Zachary did some fishing, and had a little luck with a top water lure, despite the heavy boat traffic and lake noise.
Zachary, Jordan, Andy and I played a couple rounds of shuffleboard in the garage. Andy landed an awesome shot where the puck seemed to be hanging off the edge by more than 50%. I had to photograph it, although the camera obscured the image of the impossible feat. It didn't last long, Jordan's next shot knocked it off. Jordan ended up being champion last night, going 6-0.
The annual Cloverleaf Lakes tradition: the pontoon parade. The "floats" are usually pretty tattered and tired by the time they pass our spot, as we are towards the end of the route. There is a theme every year, but I am not sure what was the theme this year. The one above had a Sponge Bob theme, but we couldn't figure out the pattern. Zachary asked me if I knew what the theme was, and I said it was Beer. Most of the floats have loud alcohol-fueled adults acting ridiculous on them. I believe beer is the unofficial theme every year.
Darkness falls and the fireworks shine.


Julie said...

What a great pic of the fireworks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,
The arbor is beautiful! You guys did a awesome job! I'm thinking I might have to talk to my siblings and maybe this would be a great gift for my mom...I'll let you know!

Give me a call some time so we can get together!