Saturday, July 11, 2009

Old Car Show

Yesterday we went to the Iola Old Car Show. (Side story: The night before I was charging our "back up" camera for the next day and after several attempts, it was not taking a charge. We lost our main camera a few months ago and have been using our video camera as our picture camera since then. Now I am down to my lowly cell phone... Arg! These pictures are from my cell phone, I am actually surprised they turned out as well as they did.)
Back to the car show. We brought along our nephews Seth and Andy and one of their friends, Austin. Its usually a yearly tradition, I have been going since I was young. One the best things about the car show is deep fried cheese curds. Neither of us have had them that taste like these do. They are beer battered and lightly breaded... Delicious. Greasy as heck and probably awful for you, but if it is only once a year, why not. I think Mr. Bean drove a car like that green one.
This car had seats that swiveled towards the door for easy entry/exit. There was a lot of unique cars to see, as this year's theme was Independents and Imports- Alternatives to the Detroit Big Three. There was also a display of the cars used in the movie Public Enemies, as a lot of the movie was shot in Wisconsin.


Julie said...

Hey! You guys were down in our neck of the woods! We've never been to the car show - but it sounds like we'll have to check it out next year, based on the cheese curd recommendation alone! :)

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Yes, they are something else. Who knew that a Lions club would have achieved deep fried cheese curd greatness? :-)
Should have gotten a picture of them, but we devoured them quickly without thought.