Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday: Driveway Moment

When I got home from work, I stopped at the end of the driveway to pick up the mail. A car pulled in behind me. It was my aunt, Sister Michelle. What a surprise! She was on her way back to Green Bay to the convent from visiting relatives around here. We proceeded to visit under the apple trees. Its not everyday you get an impromptu visit from a Nun.

Later on Zachary and I went for a sunset bike ride. It has been while since the last ride. We had good intentions earlier this spring to go biking a few times a week. Maybe this time we’ll stick to it… I need to combat my growing muffin top. After the ride, we succumbed to our lay-about ways to fulfilling quests for our Human Paladin and Night Elf Druid. At least they are fit and active. :-P


Amanda said...

It's important to keep your WoW characters fit...they have to run everywhere.

PS...what server/

Zachary and Jennifer said...

We are on Grizzly Hills. We decided to try WoW last week and we are really enjoying it. What server are you guys on?

Amanda said...