Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday: Lights

The Clematis is in it's prime.
Zachary wired up 3 outdoor lights for our house. Grilling will be so much easier without holding a flashlight at night.
Work was also done on the inside today. I installed insulation to the outer walls in the dining room, as Zachary added 4 recessed lights in the ceiling. It sure brightens up the room. Hopefully this week we will get the drywall hung in the dining room. Then we will be having a drywall guy come in soon to finish hanging the drywall in the high kitchen ceiling, and then mud and texturize the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. We remodeled the bathroom 2 winters ago and we never were happy with how the drywall finish turned out. We did a flat smooth finish, and even after painting, the seams are still visible. Adding mud and texture to drywall is annoying and we both loathe the job. Sometimes is pays to have someone else do it.

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